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TRE VOCI was designed with all women in mind. We wanted to show that one dress could be worn by tons of women with different body types. That’s why the Rose and the Jules can be made into a halter or criss crossed on the neck and the Paige can be worn reversible depending what you’re looking for and what makes you feel beautiful.

About Us

The Founder of TRE VOCI, Whitney Olschwanger is a personal shopper, stylist and brand consultant based in Los Angeles. With over ten years of industry experience, she applies her curated eye and expansive network to her work with independent brands, boutiques, musicians, actors, and creatives based in Los Angeles and New York.

She created TRE VOCI for women to have something to wear for multiple occasions. She used her extensive background in the fashion industry to create a product that she felt inspired by and felt was needed by women everywhere.