Versatile Apparel for an Evolving Lifestyle 

TRE VOCI fills the void in the market for unique, practical dresses that can be worn dressed-up or dressed-down. Women want the ease of looking good — whether they are heading to a Zoom meeting or out to pick up the kids at school. TRE VOCI dresses are the solution.

Our dresses are made in one size without sleeves for the first drop so women can style the dresses year-round and add layering pieces underneath. Each garment can also be worn at least 2 different ways so they work with every body type and can be worn for any occasion.

It is also important that we use as many sustainable practices within the brand as possible. Everything is created and produced locally in a factory in Los Angeles and it is imperative for us to work with factories that pay proper wages to their workers. TRE VOCI dresses are American-made with the finest materials and workmanship. Hands-on supervision from start to finish—we know who made your garment.

TRE VOCI was founded as a brand created by women for women. It is so easy to be overwhelmed by fashion choices and it is challenging to select new pieces that will complement your wardrobe while lasting more than just one season in quality and style. TRE VOCI offers the special garment that you will have for the next 10-20 years and that will always feel super special.  

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The Founder of TRE VOCI, Whitney Olschwanger is a stylist, brand consultant, and personal shopper based in Los Angeles. With over ten years of industry experience, Whitney has successfully curated and guided independent brands, boutiques, musicians, actors, and agencies on a myriad of fashion lines and projects.

Whitney currently partners with stores and brands to unify their visual direction, create and expand buyer relationships, and grow their audience. She works intimately with individual clients to create a sustainable and evolving wardrobe that fits their specific lifestyle and travel needs. Brands represented at Barneys, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and other retailers have all utilized Whitney insights and relationships in order to create better collections and additional sell-through. Nordstrom, Mr. Porter, and others have also used Whitney’s services as a VIP personal stylist and merchandiser. 

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“Tre Voci”

The TRE stands for 3. Whitney has three sisters in her family and even though they are incredibly different, they are very close.

The TRE is also for the 3 generations of creative women she met last summer at a Bed and Breakfast in Lake Como last summer. This is also why the brand name is in Italian.

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The VOCI stands for voices

We want to encourage women to stand up for themselves as well as the other women around them.
Three Voices = One Vision